Victor Jaime Saldarriaga Romero

Eafit University

Focus of dissertation: Yang, Sonmez, Gonzalez, Liu, & Yoder (2019) established that the academic community is clear about the importance of brands; however, scientific research has not been able to reach a consensus on the conceptualization, operationalization and evaluation of its performance, while clear theoretical and empirical links between different variables or constructs with Brand Performance (BP) are not identified. Research Question: What are the determinants of BP in an emerging economy?. General Objective: Establish the determinants of BP in an emerging economy. Specific Objectives: 1) Characterize brand performance, 2) Determine the effect of the brand financial value on BP, 3) Determine the effect of Brand equity on BP, 4) Determine the effect of internal branding on BP, 5) examine the moderating effect of the economic context on BP.

Research interests: Brand management, innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, internationalization.

Educational background: Ph.D. (c) in Administration, 2018-1 – present (EAFIT University, Colombia); MBA in Projects, 2015 (University of Viña del Mar, Chile); Master in Finance, 2010 (EAFIT University, Colombia), International Business, 2006 (EAFIT University, Colombia).