Vaishali Pandey

Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur

A large inclination of my interest toward the Consumer Behavior, particularly the Consumer Psychology (Motivation, Perception, and Attitude) which forms the emotions and thought process behind the decisions of the consumers, has brought me to the field of Marketing in which I am a 2nd Year Research Scholar at School of Management and Entrepreneurship, IIT JODHPUR. The completion of my one-year coursework has given me an explicit idea of how to delve into the reservoir of knowledge and conduct research.

Being in my exploratory stage, I could identify Customer Perception as my sub-area of interest where I’ll be focusing more on understanding how consumers interpret the organization’s communication strategies and form their opinion about the offerings and the company itself.
In my research work, I would like to study the role of cognitive and affective elements of the organization’s communication strategies in enhancing the Customer Perceived Value, premium-ness, and quality of the offering, and how the communication strategies with the core idea of forming an emotional connection with its customers like the campaigns of Cause-related Marketing, Green Advertising, and Self-esteem advertising influences the customer’s perception of their offering and the company that further influences the buying behavior of the customers.