Toussaint Mathilde

Maastricht University – School of Business and Economics

I am a young researcher interested in innovation, creativity and new technologies. After my bachelor in Marketing, I pursued my education with a Master in Strategic Marketing at Maastricht University. After successfully defending my thesis on the topic of visual complexity and its impact on consumer engagement on social media, my desire to continue my career in research was confirmed. In September 2020, I then started a PhD at Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics in the department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management. With three different research projects, my PhD focuses on the challenging evaluation aspect in creativity research by modeling how creative behavior is manifested in different contexts. More specifically, the key objectives of these projects are to investigate how potentially creative ideas are developed in individual and collaborative environments and to what extent we can predict creativity ratings. With this research, we want to show how the ever increasing amount of unstructured data can be exploited to create new capabilities for Idea Management Systems (IMS) and propose computerized creativity assessment methods that will support organizations.