Sagar Deshmukh

Prin.L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research
An entrepreneurial ecosystem is one in which ‘there is an increase in entrepreneurial spirit, skills and support system that together result in increase in economic, social and academic benefits.
Understanding the students mindset and inculcating the Design Thinking framework in academics structure will help the student to understand the each attribute of business aligning with the management subjects. The students can understand the current need of the challenge and then the same can be ideated by using Design Thinking tools, to identify Problem Statement and then directed towards the solution part. Framing a right problem statement with tools like Empathy Map, Customer journey map, Empathy Ladder, etc., will be key objective and then different Innovation models of Doblins can be studied to understand the Business model and strategy.Thus, Integrated and Comprehensive, connecting the teaching, research and outreach, and then oven into fabric of the entire University/ institute; and also its extended community for the purpose of fostering thought and action throughout the systems, will help to develop the foster the ecosystem. One in which “strategy infrastructure, teaching and learning, Outreach activities, development and resources all work together to form a coherent whole.