Rohini Daraboina

University of Memphis

Rohini Daraboina is a doctoral candidate in marketing at the University of Memphis. She will be graduating soon to join the South Dakota State University as an assistant professor starting Fall 2022. Currently, she is working on a research program that is targeted to address the area of sustainability and marketing. She is mainly interested in applying modeling techniques to discover the underlying processes in consumer responses to sustainable and unsustainable corporate behaviors. In her dissertation, techniques like bibliometric and content analysis have been applied to provide quantifiable insights into the sustainability and marketing research uncovering potential research streams. She has also contributed to developing the AHP methodology in multicriteria decision-making, where methodological improvements were made to the existing literature. Her research interests include artificial intelligence, big data analysis, and data modeling. She is also versatile with qualitative technologies like survey design and Neurotechnology for experimental studies.
Her global teaching experience includes teaching courses in diverse areas like biomedical engineering and marketing. She has taught marketing courses like Principles of Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Business Analytics, and Social Media Marketing in the US.