Anjali Singh

Central University of Haryana

My thesis is focused on millennials as a consumer. They are the biggest part of the Indian population currently. Youth are the backbone of a country. What is better than studying youth? When you are one of them, it is even better. My research interest has always been inclined towards human behaviour. I prefer researching on real life problems. I would like to work on internet addiction, doomscrolling etc. in future. As far as educational background is concerned, I have been a bright student. However, I gave more preference to improving myself as a human being rather than being in the rat race. I became PhD student by accident. I had no prior plans to pursue PhD. I was working in corporate for 3 years. I was concerned that I am not contributing anything to society. After joining the PhD I realised that this is where I belong. My graduation and post graduation is from University of Delhi.